Friday, May 22, 2015  
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DTN CATTLE PRICES/TRENDS               05/22 08:25

KANSAS     .     .             .              .              .
NEBRASKA   .     .             .              .              .
TEXAS      .     .             .              .              .
COLORADO   .     .             .              .              .
IOWA       .     .             .              .              .
                         *=PRIVATE SOURCES

DTN COMMENTS:  The country is quiet this morning following light to moderate 
trade in the North yesterday. Best early guesses are that around 10,000-
12,000 head moved in Nebraska with a range of 251.00-253.00, mostly 252.00, 
the 253.00 was to a Regional. About 800-1,000 head moved in Kansas at 
159.50-163.00. It is looking like business may be essentially done in the 
South, but the North should need to do a bit more business. Asking prices on 
cattle left on lists are around 163.00 in the South, and 255.00 plus in the 
North. Beef cutouts are expected to be lower with light box movement.

Just a reminder that the cattle on feed report will be out early today due 
to the upcoming holiday. It will be released at 11:00am CDT today

NOTE:  Feedlots are encouraged to call DTN with any cattle sales, at
1-800-369-7675, 1-402-399-6402, or 1-402-462-8897. All sales will be listed 
anonymously and organized by state.  General trends and summaries from this 
data will be posted on the Daily Sales Reported to DTN page. 

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